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Check out ELKNUT Productions

Sure we offer guided hunts but many times the hunter still plays a vital role in their own success. When set up to work bulls during archery the caller cannot always see the elk or the client. Therefore it is beneficial for the shooter to have some knowledge of different types of elk calls. He may very well need to stop a bull for the shot when the time is right. Elk Nut's products include hands on instructional videos that we encourage our bowhunters to watch. For those considering one of our archery drop camps or the do it yourself hunter who wants to learn the whats, wheres, & whens of locating & calling elk the video series is a must have. They don't simply say "this is how to use a call". They help you interpret what the elk are saying and more importantly what to say back.

Elk Nut Productions is also a one stop shop for the calls, decoys, gamebags and tools used in their videos. Be sure to check out the Elk Nuts Elk Camp, a forum to meet with other hunters & get answers to all of your elk hunting questions. If that's not enough you can email Paul any time if you have questions about elk hunting or any of the things you see on the videos and he'll be glad to help you. Priceless! 

You can watch videos of the nationally known hunters who chase turkeys, deer & ducks and the occasional elk on private land.... or you can get them from a bona-fide public land ELK NUT. Click on the link below for more info and clips of the videos they offer.

UPDATE 2/20/09: The Elk Nut is about to release his newest must have hunting tool. It is the ElkNut Playbook. A 100 page book that will address every scenario a hunter could possibly find himself in during all stages of the rut. It will tell you how Paul and his "pack of wolves" react to each situation. Small enough to put in your pack so you'll be able to have it when you need it most. Since you can't win 'em all even veteran elk hunters will want to take one along on the next.  

Please tell Paul you found him on the Indian Summer Outfitters website. Enjoy!