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These hunts, booked through Indian Summer Outfitters, are conducted with a good friend and fellow outfitter in southern Alaska. They are the finest bear hunts a hunter could ask for. Success is near 100% and you will see many bears before choosing one that meets your standards. There are bear hunts closer to home and obviously when you consider travel expenses this won't be your cheapest option. But it will be more than just a hunt like those in the lower 48. Hunting and fishing Alaska's scenic coast will be an experience like none other. It is a hunting vacation that non hunting companions can truly enjoy as well. Before booking a run of the mill bait or hound hunt, consider an enjoyable, highly successful spot & stalk adventure you will remember for years.    

The Hunt:                                                                                                                     Hunt the coastal waters of South Central Alaska during mid May and June just as the bears emerge from their dens.  The bears have been hibernating in their dens up to 6 months.  Therefore, the hides are some of the most dense and prime in the world.

Bears can be spotted from the main vessel and a 10' Zodiac is used to motor to shore to begin your stalk. You may also hunt on foot looking for bears as they fish the many salmon streams and roam the tidal flats.

All fully guided spot and stalk.

Average spring black bear is 6 square feet with average 17 inch skull. 

Additional Information:
Our hunts are based out of Anchorage, Alaska, & also offer outstanding halibut fishing. After your arrival into Anchorage, you will be transported to the vessel, a 28’ heavy weather aluminum boat with twin 150 Honda 4 strokes engines, accompanied with a 10’ Zodiac. As the waters of Prince William Sound are naturally protected from heavy swells from large islands, we will anchor in sheltered coves, where we will sleep in large bomb shelter tents with cots provided.  All meals, which consist of halibut, salmon, venison and fresh caught shrimp, are included in the hunt. Our customized 4-night 5 day hunts are limited to 4 people maximum.

The following is included in the price of the hunt. Professional guide services & game care, transportation to and from the hunting site. All meals, during the hunt.  Accommodations in heavy duty tents with cots.

Fishing is included, not uncommon to take 100 lbs. of halibut home per person. All preparation of skinning and fleshing of trophy.

Not Included:
License ($85) and Tag ($225) 

The price for this trip is $4,500 per person with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. Non hunters $2,500.

Depending on your time schedule there are a multitude of various day trips that can be combined with your hunt including Prince William Sound tours. Those with more time may want to consider short excursions to Denali or Katmai National Parks for a complete Alaskan experience.