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As many of you know we book a few hunts other than our own with outfitter friends from Africa to Alaska. These hunts all have one thing in common.... top quality high success hunting with great people. 

The success rate on our Merriam's turkey hunts is second to none.  It can be summed up quite simply:  Everyone gets their opportunity. Since 2002, we have maintained a 2 bird success rate of 182% with 225% shot opportunity!  A one bird success rate of 95% with 142% shot opportunity. 

It's pretty hard to do any better than that unless you start shooting them out of a cage. Since 1991 this outfitter has been providing ridiculously high success rate merriam's turkey hunts to their guests. With so many hunters traveling to complete Grand, Royal and World slams, our camps have become the most popular and successful camps for hunters in search of a merriams turkey.

The success rate has been so good that they started guaranteeing the spring shotgun turkey hunts. We want you to know that this is no ordinary turkey hunt. Not only are you going to experience exceptional hospitality, plenty of elbow room on 70,000 acres, scenic properties, and excellent meals and accomodations, but you are also going to have plenty of opportunity to harvest your gobbler! 

This guaranteed turkey hunt has caused quite a fuss. We've had hunters and outfitters call us to ask us why or how we can make such a guarantee. The fact is, we can make that guarantee because of our tremendous bird numbers. Time and time again our guests comment that they've never seen or heard so many turkeys and didn't know that such a turkey hunting mecca existed.


Quite simply.... "If you do not get a shot opportunity at a mature gobbler while on a spring shotgun turkey hunt with us, you come back, on us for a one bird hunt within two years."

How can we possibly make such a guarantee?

Well, the fact is we would not be able to if it weren't for the fact that we probably have the highest turkey density in the Nation!  In fact, since 1991 we have only had to bring back 1 hunter out of nearly 1000 of the guests that we've hosted in all of our camps.

We simply have an incredible number of birds!! 

Answers to the questions we are most frequently asked (or should be).

Q. Where do your hunts take place?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A. Along the Niobrara River which is on the Nebraska/South Dakota border.                                                                                

Q.  What is your success rate?
A.  Unbelievable. (see above) 

Q.  How many birds can I harvest?
A.  We offer one bird hunts, two bird hunts or 3 bird hunts if you're feelin' lucky. All hunts are 3 full days of hunting.

Q.  Is there a draw for permits?
A.  No, permits are over the counter (internet download) and unlimited.

Q.  What is included in your turkey hunt package?
A.  2x1 guiding, meals, farm house accomodations, transportation during the hunt, use of all decoys, blinds and equipment, delivery of trophy to Hazel Creek Taxidermy, or we'll quick freeze your trophy if you are taking it back with you.

Q.  What is not included?
A.  Your transportation to camp, 5.5% sales tax, turkey permits, habitat stamp, tips, taxidermy, bird cleaning.

Q.  What is an appropriate tip amount?
A.  10% of the basic hunt cost split up as you see fit between your guide and your cook.  Remember that the cook will be getting 6 or 8 tips per group and your guide only two, so generally the guide gets the bulk of the tip.  Of course the tip amount will vary from client to client based on his/her generosity and his/her opinion of how well the guide performed.  Be assured that we do our best to get you good, quality guides who come from all over the