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When hunting with a licensed outfitter in Montana guaranteed elk and deer licenses are available to all fully and semi guided hunters.

By state law all drop camp (do it yourself) hunters must enter the general drawing to obtain licenses. Those who are unsuccessful in the drawing may purchase a bonus point toward the next years drawing. Drawing odds are available in the FWP website in the licensing section at the link below. First year odds are approximately 48%. The second year with one point 72% and with 2 points 83%. 

Outfitter Sponsored & General Draw licenses both have the same application deadline which is March 15th.

License information, costs, deadlines, online application & paper applications, drawing statistics, & refund policy are all available online at:

Clients may apply online at  Once you have a paid deposit we will provide you with an outfitter code to do so. We will then follow up with an online approval of your application. We prefer to use this method as it is foolproof and eliminates the possibility of things showing up late or getting lost in the mail. There is a convenience fee from MT Fish, Wildlife, & Parks. You may also print out paper applications if you prefer to apply through the mail. If you do remember to get Delivery Confirmation.

BOWHUNTERS:  You will not be able to purchase the $5 archery stamp until your general license has been issued at the end of April. They may also be purchased locally when you arrive to hunt.

The homepage address for Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks is: Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Licensing Phone number is: 406-444-2950.

Mule deer hunters in our area will need a deer permit IN ADDITION to their general license. Once hunters receive their general license they are on the Mt. FWP mailing list so the deer permit applications will automatically come in the mail. We prefer that hunters also apply for these online. Those apps will become available by May 1st. We will mail all clients the applications and a reminder. 

      Deer permit applications have a deadline of

                                   June 1st.

2010 License prices:

Outfitter Sponsored (Guaranteed):

Deer only - $995

Elk only - $995

Elk/Deer Combo - $1250

General Draw:

Deer only - $343

Elk only - $593

Elk/Deer Combo - $643